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We are beyond the boundaries


How it began

Beyond the boundaries was first started by a young family, who had a seemingly normal and easy going family life. One day Paul, husband and father of two, was diagnosed with MS. It wasn't long before he was confined to a wheelchair, and what seemed like a life of disability. His wife knew that this wasn't the be all and end all. She knew that there must have been a way to adapt their house so that Paul could carry on with his normal lifestyle. After endless amounts of research, Linda came up with a fully equipped home solution to enable Paul to live his life in and out of the home in almost the same way as before his illness. With the help of some great friends, fantastic suppliers and some family spirit, their home was transformed to be not only accessible to Paul, but also no different to look at, at the same time!

Wanting to give others the same joy and ease of life as she had helped her husband to achieve, Linda started 'beyond the boundaries', a comprehensive mobility service helping those who need a little more assistance and mobility in their lives.

Coming from a background of experience and emotional hope in the products, beyond the boundaries is your perfect solution. If you are looking not only for experience and knowledge, but care, understanding and passion, than we are going to make a great team. Our mission is restore your independence and help you to continue your journey as your started it out.


If you require our products then it means that your life has already changed a little bit more than you expected it to. Well we say 'just because your mobility has changed, that doesn't mean that your lifestyle has to as well' 

Why should you stop doing the things that you enjoy? Why should your home become clinical and medical looking? Why should anything really change? 

We asked the exact same questions, and do you know what our answer was to every single one of them? Nothing has to change! 

If you have a lovely dark brown leather sofa and matching armchair, then it doesn't make sense to place in it a medical looking recliner chair. Our expert fitters will personally find you the exact same material that you currently have, to custom make your new chair, that way nothing has to change. 

If your bedroom is royal blue, why would you add in a metal and brown adjustable bed? You don't need to; our innovative design teams will custom make your bed to suit your tastes as well as your needs. 


Our products

Our products vary in not only colour and size but requirement and specification too, just let one of our friendly consultants know how you want it adapted for you!

We cater to the following areas:

Home life 

Out and about 


We also offer an extensive range of accessories, clothing and protective items.

Comprehensive mobility services