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Hear from some happy customers

I used beyond the boundaries to make my mothers home more accessible for her. They did everything from taking the measurements and talking her through colour schemes, to setting up and installing the equipment. She is now so much more independent and happy!   
Gill McKeith

My father recently broke his hip, he lived in a 2 storey house and needed to be able to get around. Instead of moving him to our house, we had a chair lift and adjustable bed installed for him. Now he can do everything he needs to do with no assitance necessary.   
Arthur Clemmings

I recently had to start using a wheelchair due to illness. I didn't want to leave my family home, or put my room dowstairs, so beyond the boundaries fitted my home around my needs. I can now access everything independently. Great job, I can't thank you enough!  
Mary Hastlecroft
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